Sri Lanka – The Most Beautiful Island in the World

Sri Lanka, which is also known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, can be considered as one of the most beautiful islands that can be found on the planet. From golden beaches, varied wildlife, lush vegetation, wonderful landscapes and tropical climate to hospitable people, rich culture and glorious past, Sri Lanka is recognized as one of the best countries available in the world for the people to spend their time. 
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History and Geography of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is located just below India, within the Indian Ocean. The island looks like a teardrop in India. The location of Sri Lanka in the middle of the Silk Route opened it up for a large number of trading opportunities back in the day.

Due to the geographical location of Sri Lanka, it is possible to find Malay, Indian, Arab, British, Dutch and Portuguese influences within the country. In fact, the British settlers were ruling the country, until it got independence back in 1948. Soon after the independence, the country experienced a significant growth in an economy. At the moment, it is possible to find a large number of industries within the country. Out of them, the tea industry and tourism industry have received a lot of attention.

The culture of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is blessed with a unique and a one of a kind culture. In fact, Sri Lanka has one of the richest cultures in the world. The history of Sri Lankan culture dates back to over 2,500 years. The ancient culture that existed within the country is portrayed by the historical cities, such as Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, and Anuradhapura.

Indigenous medicine plays a major role in the culture of Sri Lanka. People who lived in ancient Sri Lanka have been able to overcome a large number of health conditions with the assistance of indigenous medicine. It is still being used by people who live in all parts of the country to treat a variety of health conditions.

The culture of Sri Lanka is heavily influenced by Buddhism, which is the main religion of the island. In addition, it is possible to discover a large number of cultural similarities in between Sri Lanka and India. The close proximity of the two countries to each other have contributed a lot towards these cultural similarities.

Batik clothes are strongly attached to the culture of Sri Lanka.

Batik Cloting, Ceylond Cloting, Summer Beach clothes, Women and Men clothingThese clothes are made with the help of traditional techniques and they look great when compared to other fashionable garments that you can purchase from the market. They can deliver a comfortable and a fascinating experience to you. Hence, you can try them out.

The beauty of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has received a lot of attention from tourists for the fascinating beauty offered. Any person can experience breathtaking views while roaming around in Sri Lanka. Tropical highlands, romantic landscapes, and golden beaches have contributed a lot towards the above-mentioned fact. In addition, it is possible to find a large number of botanical treasures, ocean-like reservoirs, magnificent waterfalls, and lush forests within the country. The combination of all these elements has transformed Sri Lanka into a paradise on the planet.

Towards the center of Sri Lanka, it is possible to find the misty heights. People who visit this region will be provided with the opportunity to enjoy colder climates as well.

Sri lanka Tea, Ceylon Tea, Best teaIn addition, the best tea in the world is being produced in the highlands of Sri Lanka. Hence, people who visit the hill country will be able to walk back home with the finest tea produced in the world.


The climate of Sri Lanka

Due to the geographical location, Sri Lanka is equipped with a tropical climate. The climate that can be found in most of the regions is humid and hot. However, it will be possible to find colder climates in the hill country. The average temperature of Sri Lanka is in between 75 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the entire year. But in the highlands, the temperature has dropped to 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

People in Sri Lanka experience two rainy seasons per year. Out of them, the South West Monsoon takes place from the mid-May to end of June. On the other hand, the North East Monsoon takes place between October and November. The average annual rainfall that Sri Lanka receives per year is around 60 inches.

Tourism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations found in the world. The hospitality of people who live in Sri Lanka has contributed a lot towards tourism industry. All the people in Sri Lanka tend to greet the tourists with a warm smile.

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It is also possible to find hundreds of fascinating tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. Galle, Arugam Bay, Hikkaduwa, Kandy, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Nuwara Eliya are some of the most prominent tourist attractions that can be found in the country. Staying in Sri Lanka will not be a big hassle due to the availability of a large number of hotels. It is possible for the tourists to find affordable three-star hotels to luxury five-star hotels in Sri Lanka.

The sandy beaches found around Sri Lanka are fascinating. The coastal line of Sri Lanka is unspoiled. Hence, all people who visit the beaches will be able to experience a fascinating time, the beaches have been transformed into tourism hubs. People who visit the beaches of Sri Lanka will be provided with the opportunity to sunbathe while enjoying delicious seafood. However, it is better to avoid the monsoon seasons when visiting the beaches of Sri Lanka, so that the guests can enjoy a nice time.

Food in Sri Lanka

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Last but not least, it is important to leave a note on food in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is well known for spicy food. In addition, it is possible to find a large number of sweetmeats and exotic fruits within the country. Sri Lankan food is unique. Most of the fruits and vegetables that people consume can only be found within the country. In addition, there is a possibility to discover a large number of spices, which are being consumed by the people who live in Sri Lanka. They are native to the country as well and they have the ability to keep people healthy.

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